Higher Education

PhD - Biology

Main supervisor: Shinichi Nakagawa

Co-supervisors: Michael Jennions and Daniel Hesselson

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship supervisor: Andrew Hendry

During my PhD I (1) conducted a meta-analysis and experiments to test the effects of developmental temperature on phenotypic mean and variance in fishes; (2) quantified predictability of zebrafish behaviour and tested whether individual variation in physiology was linked to individual variation in behavioural and life-history traits; (3) researched reporting practices of meta-analyses in ecology and evolution, with the aim of improving reporting quality.

2016 - 2020

Main affiliation:

  • University of New South Wales

Visitor affiliations:

  • Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • Australian National University
  • McGill University
View from behind McGill campus during my Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship (2017)

View from behind McGill campus during my Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship (2017)

2011 - 2014

Australian National University

Bachelor of Science


with Honours (First Class)

Major: Biology

Minors: Evolution & Ecology, Mathematics

Thesis: Size Matters: Male and Female Investment in Reproduction

Supervised by Michael Jennions and Megan Head

During my honours year I discovered the joys and challenges of research during two experimental projects with mosquitofish (see publications 3 and 4). One project investigated how sperm replenishment is influenced by the size and condition of males, and the other teased apart the effects of maternal age and maternal size on offspring size.

Canberra (2012)

Canberra (2012)